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Cake design, table setting » furshet, carving

Buffet, Carving, Candy Bouquets.

The lessons are conducted 2 days a week for 2 hours. The course lasts 2-3 months. Group lessons are 15000 drams a month, private lessons are 45000 drams (it is a general course including 16 lessons).The course consists of

·         Decoration of napkins

·         Decoration of tablecloth

·         Carving of a beet and carrot

·        Carving of a radish 

·        Carving of a watermelon

·        Carving of a melon

·        Carving of a pumpkin

·        Carving of an agapanthus

·        Fruit bouquet

·        Canapé- with cheese

·        Canapé –with sausages

·        The rules of making and using a chocolate fountain

·        Candy bouquets

·        Creating different animals with different fruits and vegetables

·        Making and decorating salads

·        Practice

After the course a bilingual certificate is awarded